English for HR & Personnel

25-30 x 90 Minute Module

The material used in this course is NOT meant to teach the skills of Personnel management, but to learn the vocabulary used when dealing with HR and personnel matters in English.

After this course the participant has the opportunity to take the "TOEIC" — Test of English for International Communication.

The course embraces the following – and more as required:

  • Tenses and Grammar:
A quick review of the main forms
  • Social Etiquette:
Introductions, greetings, good byes, small talk
Entertaining business guests and being entertained
  • Personnel Language:
The role of personnel management
Job Analysis
Planning, recruiting, selection and interviewing
Training and development
Compensation, incentives and benefits
Appraisal and career management
The legal environment
Describing the company and responsibilities
  • Communication Skills:
Interview questions, making requests, being assertive, giving directives, making recommendations and proposals, agreeing and disagreeing tactfully
  • Meetings & Negotiations:
Principles of effective meetings and negotiations
Useful phrases when chairing a meeting
Phases of an interview, meeting, negotiation
Negotiation styles
Role plays: Interviews, meetings, negotiations, giving feedback
  • Presentations:
Principles and phases of an effective presentation
Presenting the company
  • Writing Skills:
Principles of good personnel letters
Typical personnel letters and documentation
  • Intercultural Skills:
An insight into intercultural differences when dealing with employees of other cultures
Body language: reading the interviewee’s message
Concepts of time and contracts around the world
  • Case Studies:
Role plays: Typical HR roles – interviews, mediating, etc.