English for Logistics & Freight Forwarding

25 x 90 Minute Module

The material in this course is NOT meant to teach the subject of logistics and freight forwarding, but to learn the terms and vocabulary in order to communicate in English.

After this course the participant has the opportunity to take the "TOEIC" — Test of English for International Communication.

The course embraces the following – and more as required:

  • Tenses and grammar:
A quick review of the main forms
  • Social Etiquette:
Introductions, greeting, good byes, small talk
Entertaining business guests & being entertained
  • Business Themes:
Getting goods moving
A forwarding agency
Modes of transport
Working with partners
Dealing with documents
On track across Europe
When things go wrong
Sending goods overseas
  • Communication Skills:
Questioning and recommending, giving opinions, agreeing & disagreeing tactfully, interrupting, making requests
  • Meetings & Negotiations:
Principles of effective meetings and negotiations
Useful phrases for chairing meetings
Stages of a negotiation
Styles of negotiations
Role plays – Mini-Meetings
  • Presentations:
Principles of effective presentations, Ad hoc presentations
  • Writing Skills:
Writing reports, effective e-mails, filling out ex/import forms
  • Telephone Skills:
Principles of effective telephoning – preparing calls, clarifying, dealing with complaints, your telephone voice
  • Intercultural Training:
Insight into intercultural differences in thinking patterns around the world
Concepts of contracts and time around the world
Doing business in different cultures