English for the Assistant

25 x 90 Minute Module

After this course the participant has the opportunity of taking the "TOEIC" — Test of English for International Communication.

The course embraces the following – and more as required:

  • Tenses and Grammar:
A short review of the main tenses and grammar forms
  • Social Etiquette:
Introductions and greetings, Small Talk, Good byes
  • Business Skills:
Introducing the company and its products, describing the organization and personal responsibilities. Job routines. Giving an ad hoc presentation
  • Communication Skills:
Asking for and giving advice, opinions, being assertive, making requests. Confidence in speaking
  • Intercultural Skills:
An insight into the intercultural differences between American, British and German thinking patterns and behavior.
  • Telephone Skills:
Using the telephone – preparing for calls, taking and leaving messages, making arrangements, appointments and reservations, etc.
Screening calls, handling complaints, etc. Body language on the phone – the importance of the tone of your voice.
  • Written Correspondence:
Effective e-mailing – formal – neutral or informal? Salutations and complimentary closes, polite phrases, effective subject lines, sexist language
Writing letters –Layout, Punctuation, sentence structure, polite requests, making offers, complying with and turning down offers and requests, giving good and bad news, invoices and reminders, social business letters and notes. Writing effective minutes of a meeting.