English for Finance & Bookkeeping

Level 1

25 x 90 Minute Module

The material used in this course is NOT meant to teach the skills for finance and bookkeeping, but to learn the vocabulary used when talking about finance in English.

After this course the participant has the opportunity to take the "TOEIC" — Test of English for International Communication.

The course embraces the following – and more as required:

  • Tenses and Grammar:
A thorough review of tenses and grammar
  • Social Etiquette:
Introductions, greetings, good byes and small talk
  • Finance Language:
Typical terminology in finance and bookkeeping:
Turnover, querying numbers, cash flow, quotations and estimating, evaluation of financing a project, finance reviews, describing the balance sheet, funding
  • Communication Skills:
Polite questions, making requests, asking for and giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing tactfully, interrupting, making proposals and recommendations, being persuasive
  • Presentations:
Principles of effective presentations
Phases of a presentation
Describing trends, reviews & forecasts
Describing visuals – graphs and charts
  • Writing Skills:
Writing reports and recommendations
Effective e-mail writing
Punctuation and polite formulations
  • Telephoning Skills:
Principles of effective telephoning
Role plays: Typical finance scenarios on the phone
  • Intercultural Skills:
An insight into the intercultural differences with global business partners and colleagues