The Application Essays

What is the purpose of the essays ?

Admissions Committees attempt to understand WHO an applicant is as well as why they are interested in pursuing an MBA.

How important are the essays compared to the rest of the application ?

They are the most critical element AND they are 100% under a prospective student's control.

Are the essays different from one school to another ?

Yes, but there exist standard essays types for which a particular answer strategy can be devised.

Our essay editors know what is expected and guide you with their consultation and editing.

Accepted to Bocconi

I first came into contact with the business and banking world nearly ten years ago when I did a short internship in a bank in Germany. Back then, I was placed in the marketing department and I quickly became intrigued by this business. It seemed only logical then, when given the chance, that I would further my knowledge through further education in this field. Finally, in the last two years at Felsted Boarding school in Essex, England I had the chance to take Business Studies as a subject. The course began with Finance and Marketing, both of which I quickly found so fascinating that it was no wonder that I excelled in the course and finished my studies with an A. After that, it only made sense to work in a bank so I went ahead with an apprenticeship in banking. On researching several different banks I chose the XXXXXbank, which is probably very familiar to you as it has recently been taken over by the Italian bank, Unicredito. During that time I was able to learn a lot about the banking industry but I expected more than the routine banking procedures and became restless.

I decided, therefore, to take a year off to see more of the world. Spain had always interested me because of its history and culture and I love the language so I packed my bags and headed south to Spain. During my short time there I took Spanish courses to improve my Spanish while doing an internship. The idea was to practice the language and get to know how these people 'tick.'

After this great experience I realized that I needed a higher education if I was going to make my mark in the world and returned to Munich where I successfully completed my Bachelor as the best Undergraduate Student of the year. Still eager to make my mark in the world I looked for some exciting challenges before embarking on my next goal which was a Masters program. Through friends I was able to get involved in exciting projects such as opening a university in Ghana, Africa, which gave me self-satisfaction in making my first little mark in the world. In addition to this, I worked as an entrepreneur on a few real estate projects in Munich. Fascinated as I am with other cultures and their people, I packed my bags again and travelled and worked in the USA and then to China. The great experiences I had in these countries, the people I met, and the way they do business was truly a 'hands on' learning process. It also taught me the independence and self confidence that I could not have learned if I had stayed home.

Now, however, I know that I am ready to take on the final step and complete a Masters program so that I can pursue my career goal of reaching the position of top executive in a renowned international company and later establishing my own firm. I am convinced that a Masters program will arm me with the tools required to embark on my career path. Of course, to reach these high expectations I have of myself, I cannot apply to just any school, it has to be the best.

Researching on what Bocconi offers and its top world rating, it only makes sense to apply to this university in an equally wonderful country. There are several criteria which made me apply to Bocconi besides the fact that it has been highly recommended by friends who have studied there. First of all, as I have already mentioned, Bocconi is one of the most renowned universities, not only in Italy, but also in the world. It is always in the top rankings, has superb cooperation with other renowned universities such as Wharton, and offers a great study environment. An international university with an international environment has always been one of the major deciding factors for me when selecting previous schools. I have a proven record of being a top performer in my studies and bring with me my international experience, languages, and motivation to make my mark in the world, together with my love of Italy and its people and culture. I know that Bocconi would be the perfect spring board for my future goals and hope that you see in me the type of candidate that would fit the prerequisites that you are looking for.